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  • For Benchmark Level 2 a MW file is required. We will send you a private dropbox link to upload the MW file/s.

  • We will reply as soon as possible within the next two days.

  • Our response will attach a proposal including a price.

  • For a price estimate, send us a request through the Contact us page

  • If your plant is not listed in a Level 1 Solution, you will have to use a Level 2 Solution and submit a MW file.

  • For file Upload we will send you a link to drop your MW files.

  • MW files must have CSV, TXT, XLS or XLSX format

  • MW files are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement between the customer and Intertek, once a proposal has been signed.

  • If you have any doubt about this benchmark or if you want to benchmark all your units, please Contact us for a discounted price.