Flexible Operations

(Fossil fuel plants only)

Cost of Cycling Services Overview

  • Changing market conditions and system deregulation, increasing renewable energy, distributed generation, and evolving demand have all led to increased cycling of power plants. Intertek offers a range of services to help you understand your true cycling startup, shutdown and load follow costs to manage reliability and provide guidelines to minimize equipment damage and operate more efficiently

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Key Benefits

What you get

  • Take sparse data and utilize it effectively
  • Advise on design improvements, equipment upgrades/replacement, and operating process improvements to ensure efficient and reliable operation
  • Advise on Asset Life Optimization and the assessment of future capital and maintenance costs, stranded costs, and dispatch
  • Technical Papers

Our Experience

What we provide

  • Power plant component damage mechanisms and failure
  • Component/unit reliability modelling
  • Component aging and impact of fatigue cycling on aging components
  • Capital and O&M accounting and how to associate costs to cycling damage and unit reliability
  • Relevant industry databases
  • Statistical modelling, unit commitment and production cost analysis

Our services provide

  • Review and critique of cycling cost methods used by the utility.
  • Development of improved cost estimates, including software and training to help utility engineers update these estimates.
  • Testimony preparation for state commission consideration of cycling costs and their impacts on non-utility generators, merchant plants, and their effects on utility power plants.
  • Recommendations on use of improved cycling cost information in system operations and planning.
  • Recommendations for operation improvements.
  • Recommendations for capital projects to reduce cyclic damage.
  • Optimization of plant capital and O&M spending with respect to plant cycling, life and reliability
  • Cycling Operation Benchmark analysis using INGRID