Real time monitoring and historical data

Zoomable terrain map showing real-time data.

Inspection Data Management System (IDMS)

Remaining useful life for each turbine

Early Fault Detection System

Automatic Report Generation System (day/month/year)

Temperature Anomaly Detection

Summary tables showing generation, availability, and failures.

What is WindLife?

  • WindLife Dashboard is a fully customizable web-application for wind farms featuring real time monitoring for wind and rotor speed, generation and availability, log book for service record keeping, an alert system for status and temperature data, and a predictive application for estimation of remaining useful life.


  • Uses the latest tools in prediction and visualization to help manage and optimize the operations of your wind farm.
  • The application provides a predictive module to estimate the remaining useful life based on performance and inspection data.
  • It also includes a system for early anomaly detection of failures based on temperature behaviours.

WindLife Dashboard